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PADI Cavern Diver Specialty

Quick Details

Person Ages 18+

Live the best experience of your life

  • Caverns exist in many areas where scuba divers venture; the Yucatan peninsula is one of the best places in the world that offer unique dives and beautiful landscapes.
  • The PADI Cavern Diver Specialty course gives you the knowledge and skills to explore caverns correctly – allowing you to enter far enough for adventure, but staying within the light zone for an easy exit to open water.
  • You need to be PADI Advanced Open Water Diver who is at least 18 years old to enroll in the Cavern Diver course.
  • 2 days/4 dives – You’ll complete four scuba dives with the first focused on line handling, reel use and emergency procedures outside a cavern; and the next three dives put your new skills to use inside a cavern.
  • You’ll also learn about: other specialized equipment for cavern diving, such as lights and redundant breathing systems; avoiding disorientation and anti-silting techniques; dive planning, including depth and distance limits and air management for cavern diving.
  • BACK MOUNT – Basic scuba equipment (BCD, reg, wet suit, mask and fins), a primary dive light and a smaller backup light, plus a line and reel

Note: If you’re staying at Sandos Caracol or Playacar, you must pay a fee of 40 usd concept of boarding fee and transportation.

NOTA: The duration of the course (2 days) can vary in the eventuality the student needs extra time to fulfill the certification standards; in this case an extra cost will be applied.