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PADI Deep Diver Specialty

Quick Details

Person Ages 15+

Learn new skills to manage the depth!

  • If you are an Advanced diver already but still want to reach depths beyond 30 mt, then enroll the DEEP DIVER specialty course.
  • When you dive below 18 metres/60 feet, there are special safety considerations. If you’re ready to expand your boundaries, our instructor will help you gain the skills and confidence to explore to a maximum depth of 40 metres/130 feet.
  • The Deep Diver Specialty is a training developed during 4 mornings of diving in which you’ll do 8 dives: 4 deep dives (1 per day) to meet the certification requirements and another 4 pleasure dives that will help you increase your confidence in the water.
  • We’ll send you the digital material in advance, so you’ll be able to prepare the theory at your own pace. Once here you’ll be ready to start the practice.
  •  You’ll learn how to:
    • Plan deep dives
    • Manage your gas supply
    • Identify and manage Nitrogen narcosis
    • Plan the buddy contact procedures
    • Do the safety considerations and buoyancy control at depth
    • Recognize you personal limits
  • You’ll practice descents, buoyancy and safety stops. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll discover how deep dives affect color, physical objects and your brain.

Note: If you’re staying at Sandos Caracol or Playacar, you must pay a fee of 80 usd concept of boarding fee and transportation.