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Diving Cenotes Angelita and Carwash

Quick Details

Person Ages 15+


Get into a surreal world!

  • Cenote” is a Mayan word for a deep hole formed when the ground — normally limestone — collapses, exposing water under the surface.
  • The Mexican cenotes were formed thousands of years ago and have, for centuries, been the primary source of drinking water in the Yucatan.
  • Some played a part in Mayan religious ceremonies.
  • Among the numerous and marvelous cenotes in which it is possible to dive in the Yucatan peninsula, the cenote ANGELITA is certainly special: a deep sinkhole completely open on top that present a thick layer of hydrogen sulfide at around 100 ft/30 m which formed through rotten vegetation and which separates the fresh water from salt water below.
  • Out of this opaque artificial seeming surface rises the top of the collapsed cave ceiling, like a half moon shaped island with trees on it.
  • Suitable ONLY for EXPERIENCED DIVERS, the tour offers 2 dives; Angelita is the first deep multilevel dive starting with a straight descent in a surreal landscape till around 30 m/100 ft where the layer start… as passing through it the light disappear and the diving lamp becomes necessary.
  • A slow ascent by making circles around the gigantic cylinder to end the experience with the safety stop.
  • Completely different scenery offered by the second dive  Car-wash.
  • A shallow cavern partially connected with the external light, where you’ll dive around stalactite and stalagmite, observing fossil and geological structures, floating through the rain of light.
  • During the summer months there is a spectacular effect created by over-blooming algae and, at other times of the year, tannic acid laden water washes into the cenote creating a thick orange-green layer on the surface which can reduces visibility drastically, but as you descend, after about 2-3m/6-10ft, water suddenly becomes crystal clear and the view of lily pads, tree branches, and roots create a cool effect of an underwater forest which makes this site very popular with photographers.

Note: The tour is made with a minimum of 2 divers: in case you’re alone there is an extra charge of 850 pesos

Note: If you’re staying at Sandos Caracol or Playacar, you must pay a fee of 350 pesos concept of boarding fee and transportation.

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The play of light and natural structures make the Cenote the perfect places to have unique underwater images !!