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Bull Shark Extreme – 1 Tank

Quick Details

Person 15 +

A lifetime experience!! diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen!

  • If you’re thinking about diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen, Scuba Libre is the best option for you. The best time to see bull sharks is from November to March, when a number of pregnant females travel to Playa del Carmen before heading off to secret birthing areas to give birth to the next generation of sharks. So if you’re in Playa del Carmen during these months you need to do a bull shark dive.
  • It might surprise you to know that bull sharks are actually quite shy. Therefore the best way to see bull sharks in Playa del Carmen is by using bait. So if you do a dive without bait it’s simply hit or miss.
  • The dive site is literally just a few minutes from the beach. The dive is actually very easy, after entering the water the group descends together down to the sandy bottom. Once all divers have descended to the bottom the dive guides will line up the divers in front of the feeder. There is a line which divers can hold on to if they wish. Once the feeder is in position it usually only takes a few minutes before the sharks show up.
  • The maximum depth for this dive is 24 meters (72 feet), usually there is little to no current. There is a detailed safety briefing before the dive where any questions that you may have will be answered comprehensively. The first thing you’ll notice about bull sharks is how calm and calculated they are. This completely abolished the notion that they are mindless killing machines.
  • The best part about diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen is that you are contributing to the local economy. Giving the sharks a value means they are much less likely to be killed by sport fishermen. Therefore bull sharks represent a sustainable annual boost to the local economy, locals are incentivized to protect them.
  • At Scuba Libre our goal is to show all of our dive guests just how beautiful and majestic bull sharks are. Therefore cultivating shark tourism in the region is the best way to protect bull sharks. Because it makes them valuable to the local communities. Nobody wants to see bull sharks being fished and killed in Playa del Carmen. So join us on one of our daily shark dives and experience the magic for yourself.

Note: You must pay 150 PESOS donation CASH (SAVING OUR SHARKS PROJECT and Marine Park fee CONAMP) before boarding.

Note: If you’re staying at Sandos Caracol or Playacar, you must pay a fee of 350 pesos concept of boarding fee and transportation.