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From US$89

This tour will let you extend the drift dive as much as possible over the notorious local reef like Barracuda, Sabalos, Tortugas, Punta Venado and the Mama Viña wreck on the southern part; like Los Arcos, Cerebros, Pared Verte, Moch che deep and shallow, Jardines and Chun-zumbul located on the northern part.


From US$139

Glide through the caverns enjoying endless visibility, other-worldly views of stalactites and stalagmites, beams of light filtering through the jungle above and rock formations beyond your imagination. With excellent conditions, shallow depth, endless visibility, spacious caverns and no current, the Cenote dives are fit for all levels of certified divers.

From US$199

Suitable for EXPERIENCED DIVERS, this tour bring you for 2 dives in two cenote with very different morphological characteristics. A shallow cavern (partially connected with the external light, where you’ll dive around stalactite and stalagmite, observing fossil and geological structures, floating through the rain of light.

From US$199

Suitable ONLY for EXPERIENCED DIVERS, the tour offers 2 dives; Angelita is the first deep multilevel dive starting with a straight descent in a surreal landscape till around 30 m/100 ft where the layer start… as passing through it the light disappear and the diving lamp becomes necessary.

From US$199

Suitable ONLY for EXPERIENCED DIVERS the tour provide 2 dives. The first in the CENOTE ZAPOTE is a deep dive that will show you landscapes and structures out of the ordinary. The second dive will be in the CENOTE MARAVILLA: it is an almost classically-shaped example of the sinkholes you will find on the Yucatan Peninsula.

From US$159

If you’re thinking about diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen, Scuba Libre is the best option for you. The best time to see bull sharks is from November to March, when a number of pregnant females travel to Playa del Carmen before heading off to secret birthing areas to give birth to the next generation of sharks. So if you’re in Playa del Carmen during these months you need to do a bull shark dive.

From US$121

These 2 dives offer the chance to observe closely the Caribbean (Playa del Carmen) Bull Sharks as the hover through the sandy bottom in about 70 feet/23 mt of clear water… Many of the Playa bull sharks are female, several are pregnant and some have even birthed their puppies while in the area.

From US$65

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Riviera Maya coastline with our daily Parasail experience. It starts with a wave runner ride to the parasail boat. Here, you will use the parachute, which will rise in the sky where you will enjoy the amazing colors of the Mexican Caribbean.