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Diving Cenote Zapote And Maravilla

Quick Details

Person Ages 15+

Get into a surreal world

Cenote ZAPOTE  is located on the “Ruta de los Cenotes” the old road from Puerto Morelos to Valladolid and must be the world’s weirdest dive site.

Suitable ONLY for EXPERIENCED ADVANCED DIVERS the tour provide 2 dives.

The first in the CENOTE ZAPOTE is a deep dive that will show you landscapes and structures out of the ordinary.

From the surface this enticing sinkhole loaded with crystal clear water and lush plants, reveals nothing of the mind-blowing formations called Hell’s Bells found within.

The underwater cavern of Cenote Zapote is much bigger than you might believe from the surface. The entrance shaft pinches in at 21 m before ballooning out into a spectacular room that undercuts the rock. An incredible decoration of stalactites up to two meters long, open conically, are hollow and have round, elliptical or horseshoe-shaped cross-sections. Unique underwater structures that the scientists are still studying.

The second dive will be in the CENOTE MARAVILLA: it is an almost classically-shaped example of the sinkholes you will find on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Known for its rock formations of bell-shaped stalactites, for one of the most impressive light shows offered by the cenote and for the thickness of the hydrogen sulfide cloud layer

NOTE: The tour is made with a minimum of 2 divers: in case you’re alone there is an extra charge of 50 usd

Note: If you’re staying at Sandos Caracol or Playacar, you must pay a fee of 15 usd per exit concept of boarding fee and transportation.